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About Good Game

We are true artisans and very proud of what we do.
Our mission is to make the best tasting game and cured meat in the world. We produce all our charcuterie is produced in house and we like to do things properly.

Good Game supports local producers. We have our own pigs at a farm on the Powderham Estate and we also buy pigs from friends who have native breed pigs locally. Our game is either shot by us or local Devon folk we know. We work with some amazing beef farmers like Darts Farm and Nick Bell on Dartmoor. All our beef is 4 week dry aged.


Meat The Globe Team

The Globe is our first Good Game pub and we want you to have a proper boozer with good local beer as well as proper pub food. We want you to appreciate the ingredients we use and we are sure you can tell the quality of what we make and what we source. Come and check it out and see if you can tell the difference. When we use suppliers we like to be on first name terms with all of them and we don’t work with people who are not nice. That’s the philosophy. Good Game ‘Food with integrity.’


Good Game Crew

Robbie is a farmer, a hunter and now a chef. He loves his truck. Robbie is being trained by Chef Marcus to take over the Globe Kitchen at some point in the future. Ask Robbie about anything if you want a chat, he’s your man.


Favorite Drink – Devon Red

Favorite Movie – Hot Fuzz

Favorite Song – You better pray red jumpsuit apparatus

Favorite Dish on the Menu – Ribs (when they are on the menu)

What’s one thing you would change – A Pepper sauce on the menu



Chef Marcus

The Food Dude

Marcus has worked as a chef in places from pubs to fine dining establishments. He has spent 3 years making the Pig and Pallet a multi award winning BBQ restaurant. Now Marcus is at the Globe making our specials special and our event nights an event not to miss.


Favorite Drink – Devon Red

Favorite Movie – Fight Club

Favorite Song – I’m not ok by my chemical romance

Favorite Dish on the Menu – Sunday Roast with both meats

What’s one thing you would change – My thinning hair


The Pub Dude

Since his career as a stunt double in the Harry Potter movies he was keen to explore a something a little less dangerous. Now Adam is the resident Landlord and he exists to welcome you and keep you fed and watered.  Adam has worked with some great high street brands like Bills, Polpo and Jamies Italian. Now he’s had enough of the chains and has joined us to be fiercely independent.

If you need anything Adam is there to help you with a smile.

Favorite Drink – Campari

Favorite Movie – Harry Potter of course

Favorite Song – YMCA

Favorite Dish on the Menu – Marcus’ spicy balls

What’s one thing you would change – Well if I could turn back time, if i could find a way I’d take back all those words that hurt you. 


Good Game Crew

Lauren has lived in the village all her life so if she doesn’t know you then ‘young man’ you are not one of the Village People.  Lauren is a diva and a singer in a rock band so look out for her open mic events.

Favorite Drink – Gin and Tonic Darling

Favorite Movie – Last of the Mohicans

Favorite Song – Indian sunset by Elton John

Favorite Dish on the Menu – Homity Pie

What’s one thing you would change – I wish I never started smoking. 


Good Game Crew

Ruth has been working at the Globe for a while and she has seen Landlords come and go. She has definitely said the Good Game team is one of the top 10 she has seen. We love Ruth. She’s in the pub most days between 12 and 3, pop in and say hi.

Favorite Drink – Vodka

Favorite Movie – The Holiday

Favorite Song – At Last by Ella Fitzgerald

Favorite Dish on the Menu – Homity Pie or Mac and Cheese

What’s one thing you would change – The volume of the music in the kitchen





Good Game Crew

Josh is a new member of the team and he’s learning to be a chef. Josh attends Exeter College  to study catering. You can find Josh hanging out in the kitchen or playing Rugby at Withycombe.

Favorite Drink – Korev

Favorite Movie – Pearl Harbour

Favorite Song – Fresh Phibes

Favorite Dish on the Menu – Ruby Burger

What’s one thing you would change – I want a breakfast menu at the pub







Good Game Crew

Favorite Drink –  Mood dependent either a good beer or a naughty rum and Ginger Beer AKA dark and stormy

Favorite Movie – White Chicks 

Favorite Song – Sharon stole my answer its seven wonders by Fleetwood mac

Favorite Dish on the Menu – all the burgers 

What’s one thing you would change – The worlds attitude to health and fitness it should be the norm to be active and eat well children should be taught about good health and nutrition from an early age


Good Game Crew

Favorite Drink – Rum and Cola

Favorite Movie – Venom at the moment

Favorite Song – Quick Sand Caro Emerald

Favorite Dish on the Menu – Chocolate Brownies

What’s one thing you would change – nobody to be hated or cast out for the being who they are, their thoughts, feelings, behaviours, or who they love.





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Good Game Crew

Get in touch with us if you think what you have to be part of the Good Game Crew.






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